Mute is a rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The project’s inception dates back to the early 90s, when several musicians from the budding local scene set out to join forces. For a few years, the core line up came up with a few original songs, even before filling the vacant singer spot. The group recorded a full-length CD and started playing local venues. After losing a founding member in 1994, the project was kept alive on and off by other members for the past 20 years. The remaining members, Madoka and Bolle, would share vocal duties and continue to write and compose original songs, and eventually even perform live as a 2-piece band.
Their sound is hard to classify, as it explore different rock currents, ranging from progressive to instrumental, going for a touch of retro tones as well.
Years later, in 2016, the “one who got away”, James, rediscovered his former band through Youtube, and decided to join forces with them again. Things are looking up for the future of the band, now in full-force and ready to share brand new music with their audience. The combo got together at Kingsley Studios in Sylmar, California, where they enlisted long-time friend and talented engineer Bruce Leonhart to bring 3 new tunes to life.

Mute is currently seeking a drummer. Bolle is in a subacute facility and not doing so well.

Madoka Yamada – Guitar and Vocals

Bolle Gregmar – Drums and Vocals

James Hamilton – Bass